Frank Body- Coffee Scrub

You have probably seen this little brown paper package named Frank on social media at some point, whether it be instagram, twitter or whatever. It is a coffee based scrub that is packed with minerals and essential oils for smooth skin and filled with antioxidants to treat stretch marks, scars, cellulite, and acne.

Of course, after seeing is everywhere I decided to buy a package and see if it was really worth all of the attention it was getting. I bought the Coconut Coffee Scrub. It says that this scrub is great for anyone that has sensitive skin. My skin tends to be dry but anytime I have used ANY face wash, it has broken out…which I am assuming is because my skin is sensitive. Each package contains 200g and the Coconut Coffee Scrub was $17.95 (USD).

Their website and packaging is really cute. When you’re on the website it’s almost as if Frank is talking directly to you. Calling you a babe, letting you know the benefits, and making you feel good about yourself.

I have used the scrub a few times this week already, it says to use between 2-4 times a week. I have only used it on my face so far but I will use it more on my body when I feel like making an even bigger mess. I don’t have ance or scars on my face so the only benefit I am getting from it is that my face felt smooth, moisturized and just clean after using it.

The consistency of the scrub is exactly like used coffee grounds; wet, rough and smells like coffee.


  • Smells delicious (like coffee)
  • Softens, exfoliates skin
  • Makes you feel moisturized
  • Package seals with a ziplock
  • Free shipping (USA)
  • Price


  • Makes a gigantic mess
  • A lot of product waste
  • Price

Notice I put “Price” under both the Pros and Cons…the reason I did that is because it is decently priced for a moisturizer that does have many benefits to the skin but also you can make your own coffee scrub at home without paying the price of having a name brand product.

I do like the product and the concept of the product, but I absolutely HATE the mess it made all over. I spent more time cleaning my bathroom up than I did exfoliating my face. Not only does the messy aspect of it drive me insane, but the amount of waste of the product. I found out that wetting your face or body first and then putting the scrub on will help but not completely…there is still a good amount of waste.

I thought it would be a good idea to try leaning over the sink to catch any that fell and then pick it up and reuse it…but its almost impossible to pick all the waste up and try to reuse it…it’s more of a hassle and it’s more time consuming than to just accept the amount of waste.

Overall, I will say that I did like how smooth, clean and moisturized it made my face feel…but I want to say the Cons outweigh the Pros here. I am going to give it a try on my body and see if that clears up any cellulite that I may have and I will report back to anyone that wants to know the results. I might purchase this product again, unless I get the ingredients and make it myself.

Rating: 6/10.

I wish I could give this product a better rating but the amount of waste is so upsetting especially when the pric is much more than it would cost to make this yourself.

Have any of you tried this product? What did you think? Would you buy it again? Do you plan on buying and trying this coffee scrub out? Have you ever made your own? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you all for reading!



Lush- #1 

Finally, the moment I’ve been waiting for forever. Okay maybe not forever, but at least like 3-5 days which felt like forever because I was so excited!

This would be the second time I have purchased anything from Lush, the first time I went to a Lush store 5 hours away from me. That was the first time I laid eyes on and fell in love with the Comforter Bar.

Here is my order, I ordered the Bella Fruta gift box, a space girl bath bomb, and that little blue chunk is a sample of their soap Dirty Girl.

I have never ordered Lush through the mail before and I will have to say they’re packing was good. It did keep the products from breaking/cracking. However I had those packing peanuts literally EVERYWHERE, in tiny pieces and a lot of them were shredded. They have a tendency to cling to objects so I had tiny pieces all over myself, my dining room table, floor and wall. I finally got it all cleaned up! Moving on…

Here is The Space Girl Bath Bomb

Oooo, ahhhh…so pretty and glittery!

This bath bomb is made with grapefruit oil, to me it smells more like a grape scent. Regardless of the scent, it smells delicious.  There are popping candies in the middle of this bath bomb, I have yet to use this so I have never experienced it but from pictures I’ve seen and articles I have read I will definitely fall in love with it.

I am a little iffy about the glitter, don’t get me wrong I love glitter, but  I’m not exactly sure how I feel about it being all over my body.

Here is the sample I received, Dirty Soap.

Honestly smelling it for the first time I almost thought they sent me a chunk of gum. It smells exactly like spearmint and herbs. From the smell I am not a fan…but I have yet to try it out!

Now time to get into what was in the Bella Fruta gift box!

First up!

The Comorter Bubble Bar, my favorite Lush product! 

It has a sweet smell to it, almost like a mix of berries and cotton candy. It honestly smells good enough to eat, I’m not sure if their products are safe to eat so I will hold back from devouring it. This bubble bar makes the bathtub so relaxing. It will also make your skin so soft. And the pretty pink/purple bath water is so pretty to look at and relax in. It comes in the smaller chunk in the Bella Fruta gift box.

I used half of this bar in my bath last night along with a small chunk of the Mango bath melt you’ll see in a minute and here is my beautiful bath water:

Isn’t that soooo pretty. And here is the bath melt I used with the Comforter Bar to have myself a relaxing, warm bath cocktail.

You’ve Been Mangoed. They name their products with such brilliant names, I love it. This is a lemongrass and mango bath melt. A bath melt is pretty much loaded with butters and moisturizers to condition and moisturize the skin. The smell of this melt is more citrus smelling and less mango smelling. My skin however didn’t care what the scent was, it made my skin so soft and moisturized.

Miranda. This is the fruit salad of soaps, it smells like kiwi and oranges. Those small black specks in the soap are actually kiwi seeds, used for exfoliation. I haven’t used this soap yet but I am excited to try! I love the color of it, a pale green with some yellow tints to it.

Strawberry Feels Forever. This is a massage bar, it smells like strawberries (obviously), coconut and a hint of flowers (maybe). This is meant to be used on dry skin but it also can be used after you take a shower or a bath on damp skin.  I haven’t used this yet but I cannot wait to give it a try!

Avobath Bath Bomb. I love avocados, which is what drew me to this. Also, the pastel green color is beautiful. It is made with avocados and olive oil, to make your skin soft and smooth. This bath bomb is said to be uplifting and should be used when you need a wake up call. It smells like lemongrass, and earthy citrus. This bath bomb I will definitely be breaking in half and getting two uses out of it because it is pretty big.

Sympathy For The Skin. This is the smaller container because it came in the Bella Fruta gift box. This is a creamy, banana custard body lotion to give you soft skin. I have never tried Lush’s lotions, I did try this last night after my bath. It is made with real mashed organic bananas. It smells amazing like a mix of bananas and vanilla (the vanilla smells slightly over powers the banana), and it made my skin so moisturized and I smelled so good all night. It has the perfect texture for a lotion- soft and creamy. I like that a little goes a long way as well, I put it all over myself last night and I didn’t even put a dent into the container.

I think the packaging for their lotions and sugar scrubs are so cute!

So that wraps up my second Lush purchase but my first Lush online order!

Thank you all for reading, please comment with your favorite Lush products and if you don’t use Lush please comment below with your favorite body/bath products and I will check them out! 

If anyone has any further questions about products, pricing, scents, etc. please leave a comment below and I will answer any and all questions/concerns.