Coming Soon!

I will have reviews on beauty products coming soon. I just placed a large order with Sephora, from gift cards I saved from Christmas time…I don’t think I would have spent that much on those products if it wasn’t for gift cards to be honest. As soon as I get the products and test them I will be uploading pictures, swatches, my opinion, etc!

I had a Youtube channel with 5k+ followers on it, but then I moved into the middle of the woods where I can’t stream Youtube videos, so I deleted my channel because I am not moving out from the woods and there is no point in having the channel if I can’t use it, right? Right! Plus I really enjoy reading blogs with opinions and seeing pictures instead of staring at videos all day…and I’m not the only one, I don’t think?

I like the idea of reading a blog, instead of watching a video. Reminds me of times before all this electronic stuff bombarded everyones lives. I have a Samsung tablet for reading books, but I would much rather read a paper book, same concept with this I guess. Also, since my job destroyed my eyes… I need glasses to see a computer screen when I’m working that’s probably another reason why I would prefer a paperback book instead of reading a tiny computer screen for hours on end.

So, now that I have successfully change topics ten times during this, I look forward to comments/questions when I start this blog 🙂