ELF Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner. My best friend, and my worst enemy. First of all, it took me months to find one that I was comfortable using. Yes, comfortable. Some were awkward to hold, some were bulky, some were too runny, some were too crayon-like. Second of all, my favorite ended up being one that is $1 a bottle. Now that’s what I call a steal of a deal!

Bargain shopping for liquid eyeliner accidentally. Yessss!

And here she is



…what a beauty.

I know everyone has their opinions on products and some products work well for others and some don’t. This product however saved me a lifetime of buying expensive liquid liners and testing them out to hate them. I will go through my likes and dislikes of this product.

After buying and trying out over 10+ liquid liners, the ELF Liquid Eyeliner was the winner for me.

– this eyeliner is cheap, it’s $1!
– you have full control of the brush and the amount of liner on it
– the brush makes it easy to apply and make smooth lines
– it’s small and easy to hold, the applicator isn’t bulky or in the way
-they don’t test on animals

– each brush is slightly different
– you can’t get all of the product out of the bottle easily (but still, it’s only $1)


The brush “wand”, that’s what I’m calling it, is so easy to hold and gives you great control because it’s slim and not bulky. It is so easy to create smooth lines because you have complete control and you also control how much liner is on the brush. I had a very bad experience with eyeliner that is in a squeeze tube, my entire eyeball was black and my vision was blurred. I have also had bad luck with the pen liquid liners, all those have done for me is either cut my eyelid or made my eyelid raw from rubbing it on it.

Here are a few pictures of my eye with the ELF liquid liner on it:



One of the only issues I had with the liner was that after my first bottle ran out (and I acted like the world was ending), I went and got another bottle. This time, the brush was slightly different almost like it had more bristles and the end wasn’t to a point. It was more flat and squared off which made it extremely difficult to apply. I tested it out and bought five of the eyeliners and most of the brushes had the same shape but they aren’t 100% the same. So there is my only warning!

I definitely recommend this product to friends (really anyone that will actually listen to me rave about it because I almost cried when I finally found a liquid liner that didn’t give me problems). I have always heard that the best beauty products are the most expensive and I have learned that that is not always the case.


Buy it. Try it, and let me know your experience with it!

This product is definitely a 4.5 star product.


Coming Soon!

I will have reviews on beauty products coming soon. I just placed a large order with Sephora, from gift cards I saved from Christmas time…I don’t think I would have spent that much on those products if it wasn’t for gift cards to be honest. As soon as I get the products and test them I will be uploading pictures, swatches, my opinion, etc!

I had a Youtube channel with 5k+ followers on it, but then I moved into the middle of the woods where I can’t stream Youtube videos, so I deleted my channel because I am not moving out from the woods and there is no point in having the channel if I can’t use it, right? Right! Plus I really enjoy reading blogs with opinions and seeing pictures instead of staring at videos all day…and I’m not the only one, I don’t think?

I like the idea of reading a blog, instead of watching a video. Reminds me of times before all this electronic stuff bombarded everyones lives. I have a Samsung tablet for reading books, but I would much rather read a paper book, same concept with this I guess. Also, since my job destroyed my eyes… I need glasses to see a computer screen when I’m working that’s probably another reason why I would prefer a paperback book instead of reading a tiny computer screen for hours on end.

So, now that I have successfully change topics ten times during this, I look forward to comments/questions when I start this blog 🙂