Fur Babies

I figured I would have to make my furry pets their own page because they are a HUGE part of my life. Sometimes I don’t know what I would do without them. Also, I will probably write about them in the blog posts here and there and I want you all to know who I am talking about!

I have two fur babies.

Deacon is a chocolate lab puppy. He is 1 year and 3 months old. I say puppy lightly because he weighs 95 pounds….and he still thinks he is a lap dog. I hate to break it to him but he outgrew a lot of the places he liked to lay as a puppy but he still forces himself into and onto them…like my lap, or under the coffee table.

Here he is as a puppy and here he is a year later:


I love him so much, and he doesn’t realize it but he is SOO spoiled.


A few things he loves to do include riding around plowing with his daddy in his truck, playing in the snow, going to his grandmas to visit his fur brothers, running, and barking all day long at nothing! ūüôā

Also, he has this thing about fresh running water. He will sit on the toilet staring at the sink all day long until my boyfriend (Rick) or I turn on the water for him so he can get a drink. He has plenty of water dishes and we even spent $80 on a dog fountain water bowl for him and he still insists on standing on the toilet. Now that we moved into a new house, standing on the toilet for a drink is a no-no and he is learning. I did however, catch him standing on it a couple of times. Seen here:


That is his guilt face because he knows he isn’t supposed to be up there.

I could go on and on about Deacon and about how much I love him and how much he means to me, but I will save the sappy stories for another day.


But seriously, Deacon is my best friend and he is the best cuddle buddy around.

Next up, my little princess Daisy!


This little girl right here is a monster in disguise but also a little blessing.

Daisy is a 5 month old precious kitty. A pain from day 1, but¬† I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

Rick¬†and I never discussed having a cat. ¬†I mean, I have mentioned it to him about a million and one times because I love cats and I really really really wanted one but I didn’t think he really wanted one. So, of course I kept mentioning it.¬† Don’t worry, I didn’t give up. After a while I just kept saying I wanted a cat just for the sake of saying I wanted a cat. We really couldn’t have a cat where we lived anyways (we were renting a house), but we were house shopping so I knew it could happen when we moved into our own house. Which reminds me, we own our own house now and Rick said when we got our own house I could have any animals I wanted and as many as I wanted. Prepare yourselves for ducks in the spring!

Anyways, to make a long story short. Rick said there were kittens at the house next door in a box and asked if I wanted one (I almost thought it was a joke). I got home from work and there they were, three cute little kittens around a box just standing there. They were sooo small and soo fluffy, I wanted them all. I went over and looked at them and debated so many times if I should just take one. The neighbor said they were 8 weeks old and ready to go (They were not 8 weeks old I found out once I took Daisy to the vet and the vet said she was around 4 weeks old if that). I picked this little white and black fluff ball up and looked at her.


My first thought: OH NO. NO. NO.

She was COVERED in fleas. Literally covered. Head to paws, on her face, crawling into her eyeballs, all over her little belly….everywhere. I set her down, went back into the house and told Rick she was covered in fleas. All three kittens were covered in fleas. He asked me if I wanted¬†a kitten and of course I said yes and then he told me to go pick one out and we would take care of her and get her cleaned up. I felt so bad for all those little kitties (and just a side note here, the two other kittens were taken by someone to a good home).

Twenty dunks later into a bath of Dawn dishsoap, and a good two hours plucking fleas from her with tweezers…she got all cleaned up and was in her new home with her big brother Deacon!

Here is a picture of her the day we got her right after her first bath:


She wasn’t very impressed with us at first, but she loves water now and she is in a much better home with us. Flea free!

Okay, now that I got the story out of the way I can tell you a little bit about Daisy. She is like a dog, maybe because she was practically raised by Deacon.¬†She begs for food, she comes running when you call her, and she loves to cuddle. She has quite the personality, it’s a mix between princess and monster.¬† One minute she is sweet as can be and the next minute she is running back and forth across all the furniture in the house and jumping all over everything. Some of the things she enjoys doing include chasing flies and lady bugs all day long, sitting up on her daddy’s shoulder checking everything out, and playing with her big brother Deacon.


The same as Deacon, I wouldn’t trade her for the world and I am so happy she is a part of our little family now. She loves cuddling up with me, she purrs her little heart out.

She is also as spoiled as Deacon is….these two babies have the life! I couldn’t have been blessed with better¬†fur babies ever, they are the greatest company and they are the best cuddle buddies around!¬†I could go on and on about these two because I love them so much and they have the best personalities but unfortunately I need to end this blog post but I am positive you will be hearing more about these two in my up and coming blogs.



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