Serenitree Soaps- An Etsy Shop

I don’t know about you but I love Etsy. I love the thought of buying something that is handmade and something that has a lot of hard work into it.  Mainly because I know what it’s like to find a hobby, work hard on it and have it appreciated. (A couple upcoming blog posts will explain more)

I recently made a couple purchases from and Etsy shop called Serenitree Soaps. I bought a couple of soaps and bath products. I will show you what I got along with a short description from myself and I will link her shop below! You should definitely check her shop out, and feel free to tell her I sent you! 😉

The first soap is  called Sexy Bomb. It’s comparable to Lush’s Sex Bomb Bath Bomb. It’s approximately a 4 oz bar and it smells like jasmine, sage, and a sweet smell. It is such a pretty soap, I love the colors and how they look like they’re blending together. Easily my favorite item from her shop!

The second soap is Snow Princess. This one is comparable to Lush’s Snow Fairy. It’s approximately a 4 oz bar and it smells like a mix of cotton candy, pear, vanilla and citrus. This is also such a pretty soap, I love the pink!

This is a Butter Bath Melt. It’s a mix between a bath bomb and a bath melt. I got the scent Honey Washed. It smells like a mixture of honey and vanilla. Just drop this under running bath water and it will produce some bubbles and fizz and it is so moisturizing! I really love how cute it is, it looks like a small scoop of ice cream!

This is Coconut Milk Lotion in Tai Coconut. I don’t know about you, but coconut is my absolute favorite! My favorite everything, favorite scent, favorite coffee flavor, favorite food, I love it! This lotion smells amazing and is an amazing moisturizer as well! It is a 7 oz bottle and the packaging is so cute!

Also, the shop owner was nice enough to send me a few samples of other soaps in her shop! (I will explain to you why this is always a good idea).

This is a sample of her Honey Washed soap. It smells delicious and reminds me of Lush’s Honey I Washed The Kids soap. It smells like vanilla and honey, and it is a good sized sample!

This is the reason it is always good to send a small sample or two. This is Lovely Lime soap. I never in a million years would have looked at this soap and went “I should buy this!”…ever. I am not a big fan of citrus at all. I am the type of person that only eats the red and pink starbursts, the red sour patch kids, and the red and purple skittles. Never orange, or yellow, or green.

After smelling this soap, this is something I would and will purchase soon! Once my sample runs out 🙂 It has a nice citrus scent, it isn’t overpowering and it isn’t so strong that I can’t stand it. It has a nice lemon, lime and orange scent and it is the kind of soap that I would love using in the summer. Almost like a fresh, wake me up scent. I also love how the soap is cut with ridges so it is almost like a massage bar.

Please go check out her shop, her prices are good prices for all the hard work put into the products, and she is so friendly and quick with responding to any questions! Let her know I sent you 🙂

You can get to her shop by going to:

Or simply go to and search for Serenitree Soaps in the search bar.

Thank you for checking her out and for being a part of my blog, you all are amazing!



Lush- #2- Easter/Spring Edition!

I could not resist when I placed my first Lush order and they sent me a little pamphlet filled with their Easter/Spring goodies. Of course, I had to immediately place another order in fear of the cute bath bombs and bubblebars being sold out quickly. Of course I had to.

So here is my order:

I haven’t used anything yet as I literally just ripped the package open because I was so excited!

Now an individual “review” of what I got!

This is Bubblegrub. This little cutie is a bubble bar, a very adorable bubble bar. Who knew a bubble bar could be so cute? 

The smell did shock me somewhat, I guess because I didn’t read the scent…I just ordered it because I couldn’t stand how cute it was and I needed one. Their description says it smells like Vanilla…hence the vanilla antennas. It smells a little bit like vanilla but I strongly smell like an outdoors, woodsy kind of smell. This bubble bar was $7.95 (USD).

This is a Hoppity Poppity bath bomb. Also super cute. I ordered two of these because I want to use one and save one. It smells like a lemon and lavender scent, smells like spring for sure! It is filled with green popping candy that will crackle, pop and fizz in the tub. It was a lot smaller than I expected it to be but then again I didn’t look at the ounces because I was so excited to get this cute bath bomb! It is a 2.8 oz bath bomb.  This bath bomb was $4.95 (USD).

This is the Fluffy Egg bath bomb. This has the most amazing smell I have ever smelled, ever. It smells like candy. Like cotton candy and vanilla combined. I absolutely love this bath bomb! This bath bomb is 4.5 oz, so it is a decent sized bath bomb. It’s bright pink and has a little flower on both sides. I seriously cannot get over how amazing it smells. This is definitely a must buy! This bath bomb was $5.95 (USD).

Also, as always, I received a small sample of one of their soaps. This time I got The Godmother. It is deep pink, candy colored soap. It smells amazing, like candy! A mix of bubble gum and cotton candy. This soap is supposed to be a soap version of their shower gel, Snow Fairy. I’m very happy they sent me this sample because this is a sample that makes me want to buy the full sized product.

Thanks for reading everyone! What are your favorite Lush products? Let me know in the comments below!


The Liebster Award!

Liebster Award ♥

I was nominated by the beautiful Josune, yourbeautyscript! Thank you so much for nominating me. Make sure you go and check out her blog, it’s perfect! I am somewhat of a new blogger, I went from making videos on youtube to writing blogs/reviews instead because I find it to be much easier.

The way Liebster Award works is very simple: If you are nominated you;

  • Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have less than 200 followers.
  • Inform them of their nomination by leaving a comment on their blog.
  • Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter and ask your nominees 11 questions to keep the chain going.

Here are the questions that were given to me:

  1. Why did you start blogging? I am constantly reading reviews on everything/anything I am going to buy because I like to see how good of a product it is, and I want to know from actual buyers how the product worked for them and sometimes I could relate to the other buyers and sometimes I couldn’t so I figured I would throw my opinion out there and beauty, makeup, skincare, etc. is always something that has been a part of my life.
  2. Guilty pleasure TV show? Don’t make fun of me….WWE.
  3. Best beauty tip? Always moisturize your skin, and use heat protectant.
  4. Who is your current favorite blogger? I am so new to this blogging community because I am very used to being on Youtube, so I don’t have a favorite yet…but everyone I have come across is amazing!
  5. Worst and best habit? Biting my nails is my worst habit, my best habit is keep things clean and organized…which is new for me ever since I moved into my new house.
  6. What would be your dream job? To work at a zoo and play with the animals all day long, or own an animal daycare.
  7. Who is your favorite fictional character? Dr. Christian Troy.
  8. What country would you love to move to? I like living in the USA 🙂
  9. What was your Favorite holiday? Thanksgiving!
  10. Favorite song of the moment? Elastic Heart by Sia.
  11. Favorite food? Spaghetti!

I nominate:

-Gemma, gemagikul

-Taylor, boil0073

-Daniella, makeupyourmindx

-Diana, dianasadventures

-Jess, veltvetf0x

-Melissa, melissaclaireleslie

-Rosie, beautyandthemedia

– chibigalinda

-Ashley, Ashley Marie

-Amy, lifeofamyleee

-Megan, childoftheuniverse216

My questions to you:

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. What is your favorite beauty product?
  3. Do you have any siblings?
  4. Most embarrassing moment of your life?
  5. What are three words you would use to describe yourself?
  6. Do you have any pets?
  7. What is your favorite season and why?
  8. Favorite article of clothing?
  9. What is a hobby of yours?
  10. Name one thing you can’t live without.
  11. Favorite food?

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Frank Body- Coffee Scrub

You have probably seen this little brown paper package named Frank on social media at some point, whether it be instagram, twitter or whatever. It is a coffee based scrub that is packed with minerals and essential oils for smooth skin and filled with antioxidants to treat stretch marks, scars, cellulite, and acne.

Of course, after seeing is everywhere I decided to buy a package and see if it was really worth all of the attention it was getting. I bought the Coconut Coffee Scrub. It says that this scrub is great for anyone that has sensitive skin. My skin tends to be dry but anytime I have used ANY face wash, it has broken out…which I am assuming is because my skin is sensitive. Each package contains 200g and the Coconut Coffee Scrub was $17.95 (USD).

Their website and packaging is really cute. When you’re on the website it’s almost as if Frank is talking directly to you. Calling you a babe, letting you know the benefits, and making you feel good about yourself.

I have used the scrub a few times this week already, it says to use between 2-4 times a week. I have only used it on my face so far but I will use it more on my body when I feel like making an even bigger mess. I don’t have ance or scars on my face so the only benefit I am getting from it is that my face felt smooth, moisturized and just clean after using it.

The consistency of the scrub is exactly like used coffee grounds; wet, rough and smells like coffee.


  • Smells delicious (like coffee)
  • Softens, exfoliates skin
  • Makes you feel moisturized
  • Package seals with a ziplock
  • Free shipping (USA)
  • Price


  • Makes a gigantic mess
  • A lot of product waste
  • Price

Notice I put “Price” under both the Pros and Cons…the reason I did that is because it is decently priced for a moisturizer that does have many benefits to the skin but also you can make your own coffee scrub at home without paying the price of having a name brand product.

I do like the product and the concept of the product, but I absolutely HATE the mess it made all over. I spent more time cleaning my bathroom up than I did exfoliating my face. Not only does the messy aspect of it drive me insane, but the amount of waste of the product. I found out that wetting your face or body first and then putting the scrub on will help but not completely…there is still a good amount of waste.

I thought it would be a good idea to try leaning over the sink to catch any that fell and then pick it up and reuse it…but its almost impossible to pick all the waste up and try to reuse it…it’s more of a hassle and it’s more time consuming than to just accept the amount of waste.

Overall, I will say that I did like how smooth, clean and moisturized it made my face feel…but I want to say the Cons outweigh the Pros here. I am going to give it a try on my body and see if that clears up any cellulite that I may have and I will report back to anyone that wants to know the results. I might purchase this product again, unless I get the ingredients and make it myself.

Rating: 6/10.

I wish I could give this product a better rating but the amount of waste is so upsetting especially when the pric is much more than it would cost to make this yourself.

Have any of you tried this product? What did you think? Would you buy it again? Do you plan on buying and trying this coffee scrub out? Have you ever made your own? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you all for reading!


Lush- #1 

Finally, the moment I’ve been waiting for forever. Okay maybe not forever, but at least like 3-5 days which felt like forever because I was so excited!

This would be the second time I have purchased anything from Lush, the first time I went to a Lush store 5 hours away from me. That was the first time I laid eyes on and fell in love with the Comforter Bar.

Here is my order, I ordered the Bella Fruta gift box, a space girl bath bomb, and that little blue chunk is a sample of their soap Dirty Girl.

I have never ordered Lush through the mail before and I will have to say they’re packing was good. It did keep the products from breaking/cracking. However I had those packing peanuts literally EVERYWHERE, in tiny pieces and a lot of them were shredded. They have a tendency to cling to objects so I had tiny pieces all over myself, my dining room table, floor and wall. I finally got it all cleaned up! Moving on…

Here is The Space Girl Bath Bomb

Oooo, ahhhh…so pretty and glittery!

This bath bomb is made with grapefruit oil, to me it smells more like a grape scent. Regardless of the scent, it smells delicious.  There are popping candies in the middle of this bath bomb, I have yet to use this so I have never experienced it but from pictures I’ve seen and articles I have read I will definitely fall in love with it.

I am a little iffy about the glitter, don’t get me wrong I love glitter, but  I’m not exactly sure how I feel about it being all over my body.

Here is the sample I received, Dirty Soap.

Honestly smelling it for the first time I almost thought they sent me a chunk of gum. It smells exactly like spearmint and herbs. From the smell I am not a fan…but I have yet to try it out!

Now time to get into what was in the Bella Fruta gift box!

First up!

The Comorter Bubble Bar, my favorite Lush product! 

It has a sweet smell to it, almost like a mix of berries and cotton candy. It honestly smells good enough to eat, I’m not sure if their products are safe to eat so I will hold back from devouring it. This bubble bar makes the bathtub so relaxing. It will also make your skin so soft. And the pretty pink/purple bath water is so pretty to look at and relax in. It comes in the smaller chunk in the Bella Fruta gift box.

I used half of this bar in my bath last night along with a small chunk of the Mango bath melt you’ll see in a minute and here is my beautiful bath water:

Isn’t that soooo pretty. And here is the bath melt I used with the Comforter Bar to have myself a relaxing, warm bath cocktail.

You’ve Been Mangoed. They name their products with such brilliant names, I love it. This is a lemongrass and mango bath melt. A bath melt is pretty much loaded with butters and moisturizers to condition and moisturize the skin. The smell of this melt is more citrus smelling and less mango smelling. My skin however didn’t care what the scent was, it made my skin so soft and moisturized.

Miranda. This is the fruit salad of soaps, it smells like kiwi and oranges. Those small black specks in the soap are actually kiwi seeds, used for exfoliation. I haven’t used this soap yet but I am excited to try! I love the color of it, a pale green with some yellow tints to it.

Strawberry Feels Forever. This is a massage bar, it smells like strawberries (obviously), coconut and a hint of flowers (maybe). This is meant to be used on dry skin but it also can be used after you take a shower or a bath on damp skin.  I haven’t used this yet but I cannot wait to give it a try!

Avobath Bath Bomb. I love avocados, which is what drew me to this. Also, the pastel green color is beautiful. It is made with avocados and olive oil, to make your skin soft and smooth. This bath bomb is said to be uplifting and should be used when you need a wake up call. It smells like lemongrass, and earthy citrus. This bath bomb I will definitely be breaking in half and getting two uses out of it because it is pretty big.

Sympathy For The Skin. This is the smaller container because it came in the Bella Fruta gift box. This is a creamy, banana custard body lotion to give you soft skin. I have never tried Lush’s lotions, I did try this last night after my bath. It is made with real mashed organic bananas. It smells amazing like a mix of bananas and vanilla (the vanilla smells slightly over powers the banana), and it made my skin so moisturized and I smelled so good all night. It has the perfect texture for a lotion- soft and creamy. I like that a little goes a long way as well, I put it all over myself last night and I didn’t even put a dent into the container.

I think the packaging for their lotions and sugar scrubs are so cute!

So that wraps up my second Lush purchase but my first Lush online order!

Thank you all for reading, please comment with your favorite Lush products and if you don’t use Lush please comment below with your favorite body/bath products and I will check them out! 

If anyone has any further questions about products, pricing, scents, etc. please leave a comment below and I will answer any and all questions/concerns.


So Excited!

I am so excited right now! I have so much in store for all of you 🙂

From having a Youtube channel with 1k+ viewers on it, to switching to a blog with maybe 4 or 5 followers on it…that is kind of sad, but I’m the one that moved to the middle of the woods and can no longer stream/upload videos because the connection is so terrible. Plus, I think I am better at writing (I hope?) than I am at talking and trying to explain things right on the spot. I like writing more anyways, and pictures.

So anyways, I am soo BEYOND excited! I have made about 5 purchases of things I want to review for you. Products that I believe everyone should try at least once in your life, and I know you will get hooked and you will hate me forever for it because that is where all of your life savings will go. Sorry.

I also will have DIY’s coming as well.

Some products to look forward to are body scrubs, homemade soaps, coffee masks, bubble bars, bath bombs, and more! 🙂 I hope you all are as excited as I am. I hate waiting for packages….but they will be here soon!


DIY-Bubble Bars!

Hi everyone! Sorry I have been absent for a little while, I’m still doing stuff around my new house and trying to get it all put together 🙂 I have such a random blog right now, eventually I will organize it…I promise!

So, I’m obsessed with Lush…but the closest one to me is about 5 hours away 😦 and obviously I can’t drive there every weekend and get everything I want….well I guess I could, but I’m not going to do that. My favorite product of theirs is their Comforter Bubble Bar. I can’t even begin to tell you how in love with it I am. Being that Lush is so far away from me, my only other option is to order it online (which by the way, I placed an order over the weekend so I should be getting that soon to show you all!) or to make my own.

Being the crafty person that I am, I got that from my Mom, I decided to make my own Bubble Bars! It was very successful, they are pretty simple to make, you just have to have a little patience. I am so mad that I didn’t take picture while I made them, but I did take pictures of them and of them making the bath all bubbly! I promise next time I make them I will take pictures, to show you all step by step how to do it. So, here they are:


I wrapped them all cute with bows because I gave some to my sisters for Christmas and I just wanted them to look cute. The stuff to make them was kind of difficult for me to find near me, so I had to order it all online from different places and wait for all the supplies to be shipped to me. Then when I thought I had it all, one of the places sent me someone else’s order…so I had to wait more for the correct order.


Don’t they look good enough to eat? I think so. I made mine pink and blue, like cotton candy and they are vanilla scented 🙂 YUM!

Right now I am just going to show you how they crumble up and bubble up under the running bath water, and then I will tell you how I made them.


By the way, I used one bar in my bath and I had WAY TOO many bubbles (if that is even possible to have way too many bubbles). So a half of a bar will work for a nice bath. It also made my skin soo soft and moisturized.

So, now the moment you have all been waiting for…how did I make them? Here are the ingredients:

1 Cup Baking Soda

1 Tablespoon Moisturizing Oil (or Olive Oil)

1/3 Cup Cornstarch

1/3 Cup Cream of Tartar

1 Cup SLSA (Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate)

1/3 to 1/3 Cup Glycerin

A couple drops of fragrance

A couple drops of food coloring


Now what you need to do is combined all of the dry ingredients together first and mix it up with your hands (make sure you have the gloves on or it will dry out your hands and the food coloring will stain your hands). Then add the glycerin, moisturizing oil/olive oil and the fragrance now. Mix it all together very well with your hands until it almost feels like dough. I found that I needed to add more glycerin than stated to make it the proper consistency.

Once you have a dough like consistency, separate the dough into two parts. Add a different food coloring to each part and mix the dough until the color is throughout your dough. You can always add more food coloring but you can’t take any away! So make sure you start out with a few drops and add as needed.

Then you need to get ready to roll your dough out to make the bars. I am going to do the best I can with explaining this in writing until I make them again and have pictures for you all. I put a little cornstarch on my table and place my pink ball of dough into it and i flattened it out with my hands into a circle/rectangle shape, and then I used a rolling pin to make it an even layer. I made mine less than a half inch thick. Then I took my blue dough and flattened it out next to the pink dough (you want the blue dough to be smaller than the pink dough circle). Then take the blue dough and set it on top of the pink dough.

Now you are going to want to roll them up together, start at one end and roll it up until it almost looks like a small loaf of bread. Take the ends of the roll and just flatten them out and kind of push/tuck them into the end.

DO NOT cut the dough into slices yet, the dough will need to sit for about 2 hours before you can cut it. This part isn’t necessary but I wrapped mine in Saran Wrap and let it sit on the table, you don’t have to do that you can let it sit uncovered. Once it is done sitting then you may cut them into slices carefully with a knife. You can wrap them up, place them in a tin, however you’d like!

I hope you all enjoyed this DIY for your own Bubble Bars! Let me know if you end up making them yourself, or ask me any questions you have! 🙂 Have an amazing day everyone!


Sephora Purchases!

I have been stalking Sephora for good sales. I received two gift cards for Christmas for Sephora from my Dad. I went to the closest Sephora to me and of course- they were all sold out of everything…probably because it was around Christmas time. So I decided to just hold on to them, and continue to hold on to them until I forgot I had them (I know, I know…how could I?!). Then I decided to quit sitting around holding onto gift cards and to spend them, so I got on to Sephora and spent every last penny on those gift cards and I figured I would show you what I got!

I am not going to review the products I bought because I haven’t used most of them before but feel free to ask me to do a review on something. Right now I am simply going to just show the products and make some comments about them!

(I am not posting this to brag, I am posting to show what I got in case someone would like a review on a product or if anyone would like to tell me that they have used a product I bought and how they liked it.)

So here is what I ordered:


-Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tube

-Too Faced 5 Star Favorites

-Benefit Cosmetics The Real Steal

-Luxe Affairs Sample Bag

-Benefits Cosmetics Pretty Parfait

-Dolce & Gabbana The One For Me (sample)

-Philosophy Live Joyously (sample)

-Lacoste (sample)


This is Benefits Pretty Parfait! The packaging is super cute, it’s a tin in the shape of a little bakery/sweets shop. Inside of the tin is:

0.3 oz They’re real! mascara
– 0.4 oz Benetint rose-tinted lip & cheek stain
– 0.25 oz Deluxe sample of the POREfessional primer
– 0.05 oz Mini Laugh with me LeeLee fragrance


And of course, it’s in the collectible tin. The reason I picked this was because I really wanted the Benetint and buying this whole tin was cheaper than buying just the Benetint alone.


Here is the next item I picked out– Too Faced 5 Star Favorites. Which includes:

– 0.17 oz Better Than Sex Mascara
– 0.17 oz Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer
– 0.03 oz Perfect Eyes Eye Liner (black) 


Let me just say- I used all three of these within 10 minutes of opening the package from Sephora and I am so in love. Obviously it’s true that you get what you pay for.


Here is the next item I ordered, The Real Steal. Which includes:

– 0.3 oz Full-size They’re Real! Mascara
– 0.01 oz Mini They’re Real! Push-Up Liner
– 0.05 oz They’re Real! Remover sample packet 


I can’t wait to try out the liquid liner with this set, it does seem like it would be hard for me to apply…but you never know!


I also got an Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, I have used this product a million times and I swear by it. Mine just ran out two days ago, so I needed to get another one. I have a couple of other brands of eyeshadow primer, so maybe I will do a compare review on all of them!  If anyone is interested?


This is the Luxe Affairs sample bag. Inside this bag there are mini samples of these fragrances:

-Viktor & Rolf, Flowerbomb

-Dolce & Gabbana, Dolce

-Tom Ford, Velvet Orchid

-Gucci, Flora by Gucci-Gorgeous Gardenia

-Balenciaga, B.

-Cartier, Baiser Vole Lys Rose

-Viktor & Rolf, Spicebomb (For Him)

–Gucci, Made to Measure (For Him)

They came in a cute mini drawstring bag!

Then the last thing I got was three samples of other fragrances.


(sorry-I could not, for the life of me, get the photo to turn the correct way!)

-Lacoste, NOIR Pour Homm

-Dolce & Gabbana, The One For Me

-Philosophy, Live Joyously

So there you have it, my Sephora purchases. I always like to see what other people buy, so I can get ideas or see future reviews on products I might like to pick up! Let me know in the comments if you have any of these products and what you think about them, or if you want me to review any of the products shown 🙂

Thank you all for taking the time to read my post! I hope you all have an amazing weekend!


ELF Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner. My best friend, and my worst enemy. First of all, it took me months to find one that I was comfortable using. Yes, comfortable. Some were awkward to hold, some were bulky, some were too runny, some were too crayon-like. Second of all, my favorite ended up being one that is $1 a bottle. Now that’s what I call a steal of a deal!

Bargain shopping for liquid eyeliner accidentally. Yessss!

And here she is



…what a beauty.

I know everyone has their opinions on products and some products work well for others and some don’t. This product however saved me a lifetime of buying expensive liquid liners and testing them out to hate them. I will go through my likes and dislikes of this product.

After buying and trying out over 10+ liquid liners, the ELF Liquid Eyeliner was the winner for me.

– this eyeliner is cheap, it’s $1!
– you have full control of the brush and the amount of liner on it
– the brush makes it easy to apply and make smooth lines
– it’s small and easy to hold, the applicator isn’t bulky or in the way
-they don’t test on animals

– each brush is slightly different
– you can’t get all of the product out of the bottle easily (but still, it’s only $1)


The brush “wand”, that’s what I’m calling it, is so easy to hold and gives you great control because it’s slim and not bulky. It is so easy to create smooth lines because you have complete control and you also control how much liner is on the brush. I had a very bad experience with eyeliner that is in a squeeze tube, my entire eyeball was black and my vision was blurred. I have also had bad luck with the pen liquid liners, all those have done for me is either cut my eyelid or made my eyelid raw from rubbing it on it.

Here are a few pictures of my eye with the ELF liquid liner on it:



One of the only issues I had with the liner was that after my first bottle ran out (and I acted like the world was ending), I went and got another bottle. This time, the brush was slightly different almost like it had more bristles and the end wasn’t to a point. It was more flat and squared off which made it extremely difficult to apply. I tested it out and bought five of the eyeliners and most of the brushes had the same shape but they aren’t 100% the same. So there is my only warning!

I definitely recommend this product to friends (really anyone that will actually listen to me rave about it because I almost cried when I finally found a liquid liner that didn’t give me problems). I have always heard that the best beauty products are the most expensive and I have learned that that is not always the case.


Buy it. Try it, and let me know your experience with it!

This product is definitely a 4.5 star product.

Coming Soon!

I will have reviews on beauty products coming soon. I just placed a large order with Sephora, from gift cards I saved from Christmas time…I don’t think I would have spent that much on those products if it wasn’t for gift cards to be honest. As soon as I get the products and test them I will be uploading pictures, swatches, my opinion, etc!

I had a Youtube channel with 5k+ followers on it, but then I moved into the middle of the woods where I can’t stream Youtube videos, so I deleted my channel because I am not moving out from the woods and there is no point in having the channel if I can’t use it, right? Right! Plus I really enjoy reading blogs with opinions and seeing pictures instead of staring at videos all day…and I’m not the only one, I don’t think?

I like the idea of reading a blog, instead of watching a video. Reminds me of times before all this electronic stuff bombarded everyones lives. I have a Samsung tablet for reading books, but I would much rather read a paper book, same concept with this I guess. Also, since my job destroyed my eyes… I need glasses to see a computer screen when I’m working that’s probably another reason why I would prefer a paperback book instead of reading a tiny computer screen for hours on end.

So, now that I have successfully change topics ten times during this, I look forward to comments/questions when I start this blog 🙂