About Me


Hi, I’m Colie!

My enthusiasm is fueled by coffee, makeup and optimism. I am not in the beauty industry at all (not even close) and I am far from a professional makeup artist. Very far actually. I am a credentialed medical coder.

A little bit about myself, I am 25 years old (soon to be 26 on March 30th). I have a twin sister, and no we aren’t identical…that is always the first question I get. I was born in the city but raised in the country, and the country is where I have ended up by choice 🙂 Don’t knock the country, until you try it. Seriously.

I live with my amazing boyfriend, my adorable chocolate lab and my little princess kitten. I just recently bought a new home with my boyfriend, in the woods pretty much…I love it here. It is so peaceful and quiet, I cannot wait for summertime campfires in my backyard.

I love makeup, nail polish, bath products, lotion, coffee, tea, the color pink, and I know this list is longer but I’ll spare you pages of reading 🙂

I don’t know about you, but I Google reviews like a nutcase with almost everything I buy. Not just makeup products, but literally EVERYTHING. I want to make sure I get the best idea of the item before I buy it so I am not left completely unhappy. I am hoping that my honest reviews help you in your decision making purchases. I will also post purchases that I make, and I might even have a personal section for my daily life…who knows!

I will write more here when I think of it 😉

For any business inquiries/opportunities please contact me at: nmalessi@yahoo.com


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